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HHSC Announces Grant Awards to Provide Mental Health Services to Veterans

Texas Veterans + Family Alliance

For years, Texas has been at the forefront of supporting the mental health needs of veterans and their families. This year our state leaders and the Texas Legislature reaffirmed that commitment to those who served in uniform by passing Senate Bill 55 and creating a new and innovative grant program, Texas Veterans + Family Alliance.

The Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) has announced the availability of up to $20 million in grant funds through the Texas Veterans + Family Alliance program. The Request for Applications period is currently open through December 4, 2017 for applicants seeking to provide mental health treatment and supportive services to veterans and their families. Read More

Texas Veterans + Family Alliance 2018 RFA​

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Texas has the second largest population of veterans in the country, and Texans believe they have an obligation to care for those who have served bravely to defend our freedoms.

Texas State of Mind has identified specific objectives around which to focus its efforts. First, that Texas veterans and their families will receive the mental health care and support they have earned. Second, that Texas will fill gaps in care through efficient and effective use of state and local resources, and communities will organize to help veterans and their families access care. Finally, that Texans will stand alongside veterans to stamp out any stigma that keeps veterans and their families from seeking available mental health care.

In 2015, Texas State of Mind will focus on identifying ways to ensure that returning veterans and their families get the integrated health care they need; partnering with government, veterans organizations and providers to maximize access to Veterans Administration benefits and identify practical, cost-effective ways to address remaining gaps in care; and promoting the development of statewide metrics to measure and ensure needs are being met.

Veterans Projects

Many veterans have trouble adjusting to life after deployment. They deserve an integrated mental health support network to get help where and when they need it. Full image of David

David’s Story

When David returned home from active duty in the Middle East, he felt alone in his small West Texas town. He missed the members of his unit. He missed the camaraderie. He felt displaced. He winced at loud sounds, experienced nightmares, and kept to himself during family gatherings. He soon found that alcohol dulled his senses and began drinking heavily, refusing to leave the house, and withdrawing from family and friends. David was showing signs of Post Traumatic Stress.

While David is eligible for VA services, they are not readily accessible in his rural community. The Texas State of Mind initiative will raise the awareness about the need to support our veterans, and help people like David and his family get the help they need at counseling centers and clinics close to home, no matter how remote their community.